Thursday, May 3, 2007

Google Adsense Changed Allowable Color Schemes?

Is Google changing what can and cannot be chosen for colors with it's Adsense ads?

Maybe some testing or changes happening at Google Adsense.

I'm a blogger and I was changing my ad-link unit - 468x15 on my blog - at the top under the title.

As much as I wanted to change the URL links to RED it constantly made them PINK. I typed in the code for red. There was no mistake made. When I went back later and looked at the codes -they hadn't changed. But, what was actually showing on my blog were pink url links - not red. I was trying to match exactly the url color of the rest of the links on the page - like I've been able to do in the past without problems.

I thought, I'll try to change one of my other blogs.

SAME PROBLEM, different colors.

On I wanted the urls in the ad link unit at the top to be on a white background, black text and exactly the url color of the rest of the urls on the site.



It's not user error. I changed those links on BlogBombs to red 3 times -and it never took effect. I finally changed them to YELLOW in disgust. Changing to yellow worked instantly. At I changed the blue links twice before deciding on another hue of blue which the adsense program accepted.

Anyone having this issue?

Here is my screenshot - or you can go to see it: The Google links are pink. The other links I have on the right to join my feed are red.

Blogger screenshot

OK, so I checked the source code and found this for my ad link unit specifications:

Google Adsense link unit settings

My link, and url text shows: FF0000 which is the code for RED.

Here are my style settings - which I don't think influence Google's adsense ad since it's a separate script - but they all say RED except the hover - which is bright yellow:

Blogbombs style settings

Is this strange or am I the last one to know about Google doing this? It would make sense if Google is trying to limit the amount of clicks on the ad link unit - a highly successful ad - when visitors click them by mistakenly thinking they are part of the site's main links at the top.

Google has recently said more about webmasters that try to place the adsense ads too close to their own navigational text links at the top of a page. Maybe they are taking things into their own hands and forcibly changing colors to make them different from other link text on the page?

Maybe my blog was doing something wrong and they're penalizing me?

Maybe this is a test?

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