Thursday, July 26, 2007

Google PageRank: July, 2007 Update (NOW!)

Google's PageRank update for July, 2007 causes EXTREME joy and heart palpitations or cataclysmic depression accompanied by... heart palpitations.

My PageRank bar is not working with any website today. THAT means that the much anticipated, feared and revered PageRank update is happening right now as you read this... (assuming you're reading NOW!)

Hopefully I'll see some positive changes, though I've changed hosting 3 times in the last quarter, not at all a good thing for Google to see. Google likes stability. Will Google's Pagerank update show just how GOOD they've become, by following and re-indexing all the changes to my 1500 pages of content? Not sure. Remains to be seen and we should see shortly...

Thailand Video Blogging on the Move, Tools, Tricks, Hacks

Two outside links for you today, one is a guy that wanted to blog from his mobile phone and did quite a good job. Visiting a PC was still necessary at times, but for the most part he could blog - just without full functionality that he would have liked... Post is here... BoonBloggle: Video blogging

This other link is a compilation of resources for bloggers or for people just interested in multimedia functionality via PC. Over 400 Tools for Video Bloggers, Podcasters, Photographers, etc...

There are some incredible blogging tools in that list, some of which I use myself, some tools I've heard of and others I've not heard of at all. If you're blogging in Thailand and you want to be a step-above the rest - you'll need to take advantage of some of the tools. Specifically, my favorite blogging tool is JPEG OPTIMIZER PRO found at It is an incredibly fine blogging tool that I multiple times per day while blogging here in Thailand.

I've written a bit about blogging and video blogging in Thailand at one of my other blogs and here are some links to relevant information there:

Do we NEED Computers Anymore? Mobile Phones seem to be Doing it ALL!

Blogging Professionally in Thailand... Possible?

Traveling to Thailand and need Internet Access?

Blogging in Thailand, and by the way, What the Hellsa Blog?

Blogging Phone / Business Phone: Review of Nokia e70 in Thailand

If you have any questions about blogging, or if you wish to blog for our Thailand network, please visit and see my email on the right hand side column. Thanks!