Thursday, July 26, 2007

Google PageRank: July, 2007 Update (NOW!)

Google's PageRank update for July, 2007 causes EXTREME joy and heart palpitations or cataclysmic depression accompanied by... heart palpitations.

My PageRank bar is not working with any website today. THAT means that the much anticipated, feared and revered PageRank update is happening right now as you read this... (assuming you're reading NOW!)

Hopefully I'll see some positive changes, though I've changed hosting 3 times in the last quarter, not at all a good thing for Google to see. Google likes stability. Will Google's Pagerank update show just how GOOD they've become, by following and re-indexing all the changes to my 1500 pages of content? Not sure. Remains to be seen and we should see shortly...

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