Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blogging for 4 Years - What Does It Bring?

One of the very first blogs I started was right here at Blog Simply. Blogger made it easy to get started. Since then I've created over 50 websites, some of them still going strongly today. Some of them VERY strongly.

It was 2006 when I jumped into the blogging world - and made a run at it. I had many interests - so many different blogs resulted.

Today I get over 100,000 page views per day for my sites. I run Adsense on some of them, and make some small money from that (enough for a very nice car payment). Most of the income I get is from the couple sites I set up that SELL something.

If you are considering starting a blog - please, please be SELLING something - a product is best... a service works too... but, if you can find a product you buy cheaply and can find a market for that product. Well, there might be nothing better than that for a web business.

Blogging is fun... you meet a lot of people, and you learn a LOT about how the web works. Sell something though - if you're writing a lot - just write about whatever you're selling and make a small killing in the business world.


Rebecca said...

I just commented on your post, "Do blogs cost moneey," and got interested in reading more of your site (nice)!
Maybe I got the wrong impression, but blogs don't HAVE to be about making money, right? In your other post, you mentioned having blogs for professional reasons. Is that what blogs were originally meant for?
I use a blog as an electronic diary. My entries--and sometimes the domain--are usually private. There's nothing wrong with that, right?
I am extremely intrigued about making money with a blog, though. I totally understand using a blog to market something you make yourself, but I had no idea that there are sites that pay you to run ads! :D
I would really like to have an extra car payment, heh heh.

Vern said...

Right - blog just means web log. It's been shortened to BLOG.

Can be about anything. Blogs have dates on them. They are in journal format sort of. They have a template so every page looks similar. They have RSS feeds - so you can read with google reader for instance.

You can run ads on your blogger blog too... check the settings and set it up!