Friday, May 4, 2007

Blogging Simply: Format your Spew, Viralize your Spew. Huh?

Easy reading today, don't even go get a coffee.

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This blog post will answer questions like:

What is spew, and what does a good blog look like?
How do I know if I'm blogging (spewing) correctly?

This blog post will NOT answer questions like:

Is it right for the US military to muzzle their bloggers (spewers)?

It IS right, but we'll not get into that.

Blogging IS simple.

You just write about the topic of your blog.

You can choose ANY angle to it. You can blog positively (+) or negatively (-). You can show photos and comment. Draw a note on a piece of paper and show it.

This is what I'm interested in lately. I can't draw well at all or I'd be a lot MORE interested in it! If you can draw - you gotta try it. It's interesting. It breaks up the online format because it looks like handwriting on the screen. That's always cool to see for some reason.

Check out You won't follow all her logic as a lot of it is mental gymnastics that she gets a kick out of... but, the point is - it's very cool to see handwritten charts or jokes that maybe started out as for her own edification (enjoyment and pride-building) but now she's sharing it with us.

She's getting mad traffic just doing that. She's not WRITING 300 words+ per day. How can she get away with that?

Here's me getting inspired from seeing her jokes:

A "farang" is what Thais' call foreigners. I'm a farang here. I'm not a drunk farang teacher, but they DO exist.

D= could also be a Thai prison.

I lied to you. Remember when I told you that you needed to write 300+ words everyday to get great traffic? I was only speaking of search engine traffic.

If enough people like to read what you're spewing - you can just spew a few words or write a joke on a napkin, photo it, edit it, stick it on your blog and call yourself a blogger.

Others will link to your spew and you'll get lots of Google PageRank Love....

But, you're not that concerned because you've got a site that isn't relying on the engines much. A viral site relies on it's visitors to evangelize it. Spreading the good spew all over the web so more traffic comes to see what the hype is all about.

In a way this is better than relying on the search engines because they're changing more than people are. People will go on raving about their favorite spew for a long time... sharing their favorites with their friends. This is a great thing for bloggers and if possible you want to capitalize on this by having a very interesting blog that is viral. Viral means, it is so interesting that visitors think they are COOL by sharing it with their friends.

Their friends may also think... "that Vern, he's cool for sharing that spew... How does Vern GET that cool?"

Here's an interesting viral blog with many cool things to do... BlogBombs >

Notice how you can't STOP reading it?
Notice the variety?
Notice the catchy way the spew is formatted?
The multi-colored spew?
Notice the ample use of horrifying photos, videos and descriptions to tweak the spew just right?

That site is COOLNESS personified. Blogified if you will.

It's my site.

So you can see - sometimes Vern is shooting for Google Group-hugs and sometimes Vern is ignoring Google for the glitz. The glam.

Sometimes Vern is just being his whacky self by posting cool things at his other sites.
Sites that make him think he's still cool.
41 years old and still cool.

Anyway... so, you know what spew is.
You know what viral is.
You know what Indexed and Blogbombs are.

Here are other examples of "good blog sites": (mine) (Darren Rowse, Blogger King)

You know you don't NEED to make a site that ranks high in Google - but it's actually easier than creating a viral site unless you're a pretty interesting blogger/bloggerette.

Get to blogging!



Sheila said...

Hi Vern - Thanks for your comments at GoVisitHawaii. Believe it or not, I don't actually live in Hawaii. I live on the mainland. I do love Hawaii, thus the blog. I try to get there as often as I can.

I'd like to hear about the blog network stuff once you get that in place.

Aloha ~ Sheila

Dave The Rave said...

Hi Vern, thanks for the chat. Also, thanks for the advice on this website I have found it very useful. I can honestly say that you really know your stuff.

Cheers and beers,

Dave The Rave (Bangkok)

Dave The Rave said...

Hi Vern, I hope that we can chat again soon but in the meantime I will email you. THanks for all your help, advice and a good chat too... Cheers!