Sunday, June 24, 2007

Google Ranking System Revealed

I just found this really great article about how Google ranks web sites and what is the primary focus. It's written in a way that gives information I've not heard of before.

Apparently the author, Lorelle, has studied the patent for Google's algorithms and has come up with some key features by deduction. Whether or not they are correct entirely remains to be seen - and I'll do some research to see if others agree... But, it sounds to me just like Google would want a quality site to be.

Steady additions to content over time.
Long term site and coherent strategy and focus.
No spam use of any sort.
No huge link love initially, but rather a slower build over time.

Many more key ideas - you've gotta look if you're interested in Google rank for your web site:

How Google Ranks Web Sites >

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