Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blog Simply - Found Again

I've literally not posted here in months... years? There's a chance it's been years. I've been really busy with blogging at 28 other blogs I have on various topics. Blogging is a great way for writers to get their name out there... get practice writing daily on fun topics, and to make a little extra money possibly.

Since 2007 the game hasn't really changed much. It's not difficult to start writing in a small niche and make some money. Recently a friend started a Thai Girl site - not xrated, just photos and dating ads for Thai girls. He's doing really well - over $400 per month for clicks on his ads... So, it's possible to get started now in a competitive niche and make enough for a nice car payment.

What is difficult to do today while blogging is to take over a large topic or large niche even. If I wanted to take over "Thailand" I'd have to work everyday for 5 years - relentlessly to make a dent. I might get some good market share and make enough to keep it my full-time job - but it's a TON of effort.

Much easier ways to make money than that... just start some small niche blogs on topics especially in the travel or medical fields and put Google Adsense on them. You'll make some cash in a year if you blog daily on the topics. Some cash meaning, maybe $5 per day? That's nearly $2000 extra dollars per year - and it grows from there. The next year you might make $10 per day. The next year $20 per day.

It's quite possible to get to $30 per day within a year of fanatically trying.

So, no excuse - start blogging now. Simply. In a niche. Have fun. Learn a lot. Don't stop. The dividends are not in weeks... they're in years.


Anonymous said...

I was reading

And wonder If you can update the steps to follow now that FTP Blogger is out. Thanks in advance.

Rebecca said...

Aaand my THIRD comment on Blog Simply! Haha, hopefully the last one (for now). But that's the mark of a good writer: keeps you coming back--or never leaving.
Anyway, this helps me understand a little bit more about what you meant about using a blog to make money, and why. I know you're busy--I hope you don't mind a little well-meaning spam. :)