Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blog Simply Mission Statement

What is the purpose of Blog Simply? 
What does Vern want to accomplish with this blog?

1. I want to help people understand things that don't make sense to them.  Blogging is one such idea that, though there are MANY sites out there to help you blog, there aren't any that describe it from a base enough level.  They start out explaining what to write about, not what a blog is. They start out telling you to optimize your keywords - but not what a keyword is.  They already start the game in the middle of it without giving the background non-technical people need to know.  I got into blogging as a logical step after having started many businesses online. It was a simple progression to blog. Since learning about blogging - the intricacies, the big picture... I realized, WOW, even I'M LOST sometimes and I have a decade of background in online ventures and lifestyle. There must be thousands of people that don't "get it".  I want to help those people by starting a simple site about blogging that anyone can follow.

2. I will use this blog to provide enough income that I can continue to just blog. I really hate to work for someone else and I really have not had myself in ONE game long enough to do any good. Blogging is something that I like and that I've dedicated myself to doing for a long time. In a year or 18 months I want to have enough traffic to the site to provide enough steady monthly income to stop all other pursuits of money and just focus on blogging.

3. I want to have something of value that I created from scratch and that nobody helped me with. I did everything on my own, and though others that I meet online are helping me, I've inititiated those relationships and it is because of my efforts that they are helping me. I find if I'm nice to others before I know them, they are kind in return. I only work with and interact with people like this. I've no time for selfish and unhelpful people. Why can't we all help each other?

4. I want to show other people that they can do something on their own that becomes a success on some level - and that level is whatever level they choose. Blogging is such that whatever you put into it, you will get out of it. There is no luck involved, though it helps, one doesn't need luck. There are more informational articles out there in cyberspace about how to blog successfully that one doesn't have any excuses. You WILL be successful if you follow advice of the experts.

5. I want to help others as a big brother - or a techy friend that they haven't had all their lives. If I didn't get into online pursuits I'd really wish I had someone to ask anything I needed to.  During my life I've tried to maintain a group of people as friends that could answer any question I had about anything. Now, that person is me for just about anything online. Actually, anything information technology related I either know or know someone that knows. I'm a good resource for visitors to the blog to have and I want to help other people jump into this blog game and other online games.

6. Growth. I'd like to grow at 10% per month over the first year on average. Sometime after the first year I'd like to see a couple jumps as Google takes into account the quality articles I've written and links that others have given to them. I'm hoping to make $1000 per month after 9 months and $3000 per month after 18 months.  In 3 years I'd like to be making over $5000 per month.  These are all very reasonable and attainable goals for a successful blog. In fact, a good percentage of successful blogs have taken less time.

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