Sunday, April 8, 2007

Step 0, What is "Blog Simply"?

Blog Simply Mission: Show you how to blog simply and, if you want, make money

This blog is to teach you from Step 1 what you need to get started blogging and making money. Info will be presented in bite -sized chunks... tasty going in, easy to digest, and not turning into flatulence before it's all over.

I created this blog for everyone asking this question, "WHAT THE HE&& GOOD IS A BLOG AND WHY IS EVERYONE SAYING IT'S THE NEXT GREATEST THING?"

I will try, in simple language to make this the world's most simple explanation of blogging starting with:

What a blog is...

Why you might want to blog...

How you could start blogging easily and slowly building up something that will provide you residual income in the future ( 6 months or a year).

How to blog step by step

I am a US citizen, born and raised. I've recently absconded to Thailand for a couple years to relax. I was a "techy" in the USA. I had so much knowledge filling my head about internet marketing and e-commerce, ways to get the search engines to shower me with love, and a million other things.

I had to get OUT, away from America and relax a bit. Put my brain on the back burner.

Now I've done that. I've been in Thailand for two and a half years. I've relaxed.

Man, I've relaxed.

It's time to get back in the game a little bit.

Now, when I started surfing the internet again to see - what happened to the game - I found out, blogs ARE the game now.

What the HE&& IS A BLOG? I asked myself.

I thought it was a diary. And in a sense, it is...

But, really, WHAT IS IT?

I started the learning curve that took a few months to get up to speed with. I read EVERYTHING related to blogs. I read so many web site articles about blogging that I was SICK of it within 2 months. I was tired of it and I'd just begun.

WHY was I sick with it?

It seems that everyone that writes about blogging are techy type geeks. They don't really understand how to present something from a non-technical point of view. I'm fairly technical, but, when learning a new technology sometimes I have to be walked through it like I'm a 2 year old.

I'm not ashamed to say it!

Blogging is like that - there seems to be no simple way to jump into the game without either being so technical that it all comes naturally, or, having someone that IS technical - a friend no doubt, explain it to you in simple terms.

I want to be that friend for you, because I didn't have one to explain it to me and I really wish I did.

I started my first blog on December 19, 2006. Yes, just a few months ago. If you start TODAY I only have a 3 month jump on you. Of course I had a couple months of reading before that, BUT, I'm going to TELL you everything that I learned that is important for you to grasp and get your blog rolling and making money.

Think of me as the techy friend that you never had. My techy friends have their heads buried in programming and they don't even know how to blog! They couldn't tell me ANYTHING. Blogging is an area that is only well known by a subset of the population. It's not common knowledge HOW to do it or even WHY.

I had to learn it all myself. Now that I know it. I need to share it - to make myself feel better... to help you understand this great technology that is re-shaping the entire internet and is making quite a few people rich beyond their expectations just by writing one 300 - 400 word article PER DAY and posting it to their blog.

Does that sound like a reasonable way to make $1000 - $49,000 usd per month?

I think it does. So much so that I quit teaching English here in Thailand and I blog full-time. I have a few blogs going because I want to make sure at least one of them hits for enough money to keep me relaxing here in Thailand and not on a 24 hour jumbo jet ride back to the USA.

If you have SOMETHING you are passionate about... you can blog daily and possibly make some extra income from it. Choose a good topic for blog and you CAN DEFINITELY MAKE extra income from it.

If you can write 300 words minimum per day (on average - 95% of the time you must write 300+ words each day) then you can make decent money if you follow what I'll tell you regarding your choice of blog topic and what and how you write everyday.

As a formula, successful blogging looks like this:

Blog money making formula on notecard

I will explain things in as simple a language as is possible. Bite sized chunks - remember that. Slow and bite sized chunks. Like popcorn. Take as much as you can fit in your mouth before you choke on a piece of kernel and spit the mouthful across the room. Learning about blogging is like that. Spit too much and you'll tire of blogging - so take a little at a time - in small bites and you'll learn as you go.

I will label all of my posts for this blog numerically - with a number starting - like this one - with the number at the beginning of the post. Start with Step 1 and then go to Step 2.

If you follow what I tell you, you will learn a LOT about blogging. You will learn exactly what to do to make money blogging. You will learn within the first 10 posts on this blog - whether you are cut out to blog, or not.

Not everyone is.

If you are, you will thank god for "Blog Simply" because in a few months, 6, or 12, you will have a serious income at a personal cost of posting a 300 word few paragraphs to your blog and a little research everyday.

NOTE: This blog is formatted with a number at the beginning of each article. If you go in order from 1 to a million you will see the information in a logically presented manner - step by step and easy to follow. Of course you can skip some steps if you're very knowledgeable about that particular topic that day, but, you really should read it ALL since you don't want to miss something important about how to blog for money.


Peter Chen said...

Hi Vern,

I see that you are enjoying yourself in Thailand. Wish I earn American salary and live in a place like Thailand. Now to the point. I am just dropping by to thank you for leaving a comment in my post New Blogger 3 column template modified by Ramani. I have responded to your comment.

Dummies Guide to Google Blogger
"online book" in progress

Vern said...

Thanks Peter, I have really enjoyed your site. It is full of great informational tips and it seems like you're doing it out of fun and as something to do. You seem like a quality guy and I'll refer to many of your posts in the future in my attempt to make blogging a simple process for those visitors that aren't quite so techy (like us!). Haha. I'm using that template now and I've set it up with some other tweaks for adsense and meta tags ans such. Still need to add the link unit in the header and that will be about it for adsense. I will go now to read your dummies guide to google blogger - I've subscribed via RSS but not read it yet. Thanks again for your help in the past. Good luck and load of $ coming your way in the future I'm sure because you're a quality person. Quality people do well. Without exception.